truck racks

I have a chevy colorado with a tri fold tonnue cover. I want a rack system for my kayaks that will attach to my bed rails and still allow me to use my cover. I don’t want a hitch mount because you can’t drop the tailgate. Any info to where I could find one would be great. I have exhausted my internet skills

Welding shop
I’m considering the same thing for my beater.

I took the cap off my Ranger for my 16 year old to drive and am now trying to come up with something I like.

I can do everything but the welding,I just need it to be easy to put on and take off for her to look cool when she’s driveing it to school.

Something like a full cage ladder rack for a truck that has a cap.I have seen them on work trucks.

Ask at a truck cap shop.

I am with ya on the kids being cool.they burn up a lot of energy that way. Your idea is a good one. My second choice is to by a universal rack and bolt it to a plate that would attach to my bed rail and extend the sides of the rack a little. which is pretty much the same thing you said… thanx

Oak Orchard Canoe sells many truck racks,I seem to remember they have waht you want.Check their website.


I have a ranger with a hard cover and the Oak Orchards back rack with an Yakama bar across the cab. Back rack comes off when not needed and can be put on in 5 minutes. Works extremely well.

Hitch Extender
You can find an extender for your hitch connection that will allow you drop your tailgate with your hitch connection in use. Check out truck accessory web sites. Maybe $30-60 depending on the extension length you will need.

For boats, if you use a T mount boat rack in the hitch, you’ll need to figure out the span length to the forward support your boat will require.

I have an extender on my 6.5 foot bed (with tonneau cover) and found it really only works well with my 18’ canoe and bikes. The rest of the time I use a cab mounted rack for the boats and the tonneau cover stays in place.

WOW !!
I just checked out oak orchards web site.

Wow they have it all.

I will be checking it out some more later.