True Canoe: my new youtube channel

Hello, I’m Brandon, I’m a professional guide and instructor from Canada. I’ve made this new youtube channel which will have intermediate level lessons, river and lake scenery, big remote trips and running rapids. I hope you like it! I’m very open to advice as well if you dont.


I subscribed… Looking forward to following along.

Two things I would recommend after watching your two most recent videos. A lav mic would help a lot, especially when you are by a noisy river. Also, personally, I’d rather hear the sounds of the river over music. Either way, good job and good luck

Agree on the music . I paddle in part to stay away from man made noise

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Brandon your demos are instructive for people. Keep it up. It is obvious that you have spent some time with a paddle in your hands. Moving water is confusing for people and they need to understand how eddy lines and ferries work. Thanks.

thank you very much. I’m saving up for a mic. I put music in that one section cause the camera girl asked me to, she didnt want people to hear her frightened.


yeah I definitely get that. Thats the only music on the channel though. See my other comment for how come. Thanks for the advice though

thank you very much

All good. Lots of critics out there :slight_smile: