Truly tall sized dry suits, any source? 6'5" 37" inseam 15 shoe

Anyone know a source for truly tall/big sized dry suits? I’m 6’5" 37" inseam, 37" sleeve, 48" chest and 15 shoe. I’m traditionally beyond any standard rack sizing in most outdoor gear, paddling, motorcycle etc. It’s always fun.

I had a 5m fleece lined farmer john custom made and have a dry top that is a 3XL but has never fit me comfortably. It’s an ok combo for 50+F water but I’d much rather have a full dry suit, particularly since I now live in New England.

Any pointers appreciated.

Obviously written by a fellow victim of the World Wide Conspiracy Against The Tall (WWCAT).

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Kokatat will custom make you a dry suit. The program is on hold for a bit until their material supply gets better, but they say they are expecting to resume it fairly soon. Here is the link to their website:


Interested to hear feedback. I am basically the same size as you but a smaller chest

Me too. 44" chest and 13 feet. Together, we’d look like NBA prospects.

Have you talked to Kayak Academy? They are a Kokatat master dealer who stocks a wide range of both standard sizes and extra large and/or tall sizes as well as being able to help you order a custom sized Kokatat suit. They use drysuits in their instruction programs so they also tend to have a range of used suits in various sizes.