Truly unique paddle craft

Much quieter than a big prop. My bro inlaw catches so many fish it does save on grocery bills.

That’s a pretty neat little boat! I’d hate to get stuck in any kind of rough weather on it though.

Wonder if you could surf it? Ha!

I’m trying to figure out…
how the heck do you get it to the water? Trailer?

looks like a towed boat?
good question, though it does look like a cool fishing platform. maybe a good idea for a diy fishing platform? seems to me the ‘tower’ is the obstacle, but a stable stand-on fishing platform might be viable

You guys act like you’ve never…
… seen a small raft with a cooler on it before.

Looks pretty neat. Though the color would need help for duck hunting.

Corpus Christi is near my old paddling grounds so maybe I can get down there for a test paddle/pole.

I wish they had a bigger website. It’s way too small!!

If it had a motor, it would be know as a
flats scooter, made for fishing shallow bays and backwaters along the Texas Gulf Coast. You see lots of similar craft on the bay, this is just a smaller version. Nothing new, but a nice rendition.

It looks like a floating toilet?

hey seadart
Maybe you can contact Flatstalker and pitch option of a seat an liner system which will allow the icechest to serve double doody :slight_smile: