Try to never do this.

I decided to epoxy my unfinished GP. I have used this epoxy successfully for 2 years,2 boats, and several projects,including laminating the paddle blank.

Something wasn’t right. It did not dry in 24 hours; it got really gooey. I called Raka;they suggested vinegar.

I scraped off what I could first, then washed it with acetone,then washed it with vinegar.I had a nice dry ugly paddle, so I decided to sand. Instead of sawdust,I got instantly gooed sanding discs. About 20 of them until I ran out.It is almost back to raw wood. More sanding tomorrow.3 hours lost to a 5 second mistake.

The good news is, the paddle has got to be less than 3 lbs now.

I kept remembering the guy who posted he had done that to a large part of his boat trying to glass it.I feel your pain.

Try wiping the paddle with

MEK Methyl Ethyl Ketone I don’t know what kind of resin you used but this may either remove the resin or harden it.

MEK was use as a hardner used on a fiberglass Pro Stock race car I once owned.

You may be able to buy MEK in the paint dept at Home Depot, Lowes or a local paint store.

Paddlin’ on


MEK = nasty
quite toxic stuff

acetone and vinegar seem safer


use care with MEK
rubber gloves, etc…Nasty nasty stuff. We use it in our O&R dept (Apache helicopters), and it causes grief with skin, kidney, liver cancers, etc…prolonged usage. During the last strike a scab put some on a swab to clean his ears. Went deaf…silly scab…

Toughen up you guys
I use MEK all the time and never use gloves. It is a great product with many uses and clean a non synthetic brush of old oil paint.

The old carbon tetrachloride didn’t kill me and neither did the asbestos perhaps the MEK will… but I doubt it. Long term exposure and lots of skin absorption might have some effect.

Paddlin’ on


epoxy remover

Scrapers vs chemical or sandpaper NM

Reads to be an incredible product
but with many limited uses.

Paddlin’ on


It’s done. Mostly sandpaper.

"toughen up"
like this?

You can indeed get MEK at Heme Dopot. Nice big cans. Conspiracy to weed out DIY’s???

GK, when you are riddled with cancer in a few years, which P-netter would you be most likely to will your boat(s) to?

MEK is part of the same chemical
Family as Acetone, both are dangerous to health.

Methylene Chloride Stripper
Using the appropriate safety measures.

May be helpful
If they have a US outlet (They should do as they trade as Johnny Rebs)

$50 a gallon
It had better remove smut.

Home Depot sells methylene chloide
with a little perfume in it. I forget the brand name.MECL is dangerous;I’m glad i used sandpaper and vinegar.

i woulda waited much longer nm

Raka told me it wouldn’t help.

Post script
I mixed another small batch today from the same components and it worked perfectly.The pnly difference was this time I used a paper cup and last time plastic. But I have uised plastic cups before with no problem.The paddle tips have been epoxied again.