Trying DIY Greenland Paddle in SOT in Small Surf

I don’t think I’ve posted a video or pics for ages; I don’t like messing with the gopro when the waves are good or really big. A little while ago I got out to try a newly carved paddle in tiny surf with lots of leopard sharks for company. The waves are not very exciting and rides are short and pretty much straight-in (no roundhouse cut backs in 2’ surf) , but the GP is a lot of fun to change things up. For high performance surfing on waveskis I’ll stick to my old worn Onno, but the Greenland Paddle works surprisingly well for SOT surfing.


Nice job on the paddle, surfing it and the video! Small waves but you milked them as well as can be done. That last ride was a nice long diagonal. :slight_smile:

I did see the shadows of shart in the water. Dunno, kind of disconcerting for me.


Looks like fun!

The Leopard Sharks are about 4 or 5 feet mostly, and about as scary as puppy dogs. You can’t tell in the video but a few of the sharks are surfing along with my boat.