Trying kayaks before purchase

Wife and I want to venture into the kayaking world. Since we’re both old we want to test ride before spending the money. We want sit on top style, mine will be a fishing design, the wife’s for pleasure only. Where can we test ride within 250 miles of Quincy, IL?

Look up dealers for Eddyline Carribean and Hurricane Skimmer kayaks. Hopefully you will find an outfitter who can arrange a demo.

Google kayak rental in maps for your area

I tried “Kayak Dealers near St. Louis MO” and found several including It looks like their line has options that match your needs…

Getting on the water to test just now may be an issue but it might be worth a call.

Thanks everybody. I tried google, most places to rent are closed. :pensive:

Can you wait until June 1? You might be in an area where that will work. Talking to owners if they are around now might get you a better shot at an early try out.

Thank you. Hadn’t thought of that.

Most reputable dealers located on or near the water will let you do an on-water demo of a boat that you are interested in. Again, most reputable dealers may not let you demo a boat without at least a wet suit unless the water temperatures are at least 60°F or so.

Thank you. Now to find one open.