Trying to be invisible

I’m a garage door seal. You can’t see me.

I’m hidden so I must be invisible.

I’m just part of the deck. Nothing to see here.

I’m a garden hose. No worries.

I’m outta here.


I don’t know much about Eastern Snakes, what kind is that?

Looks like a black rat snake to me.


Just another branch.

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Yes, black rat snake. They are extremely docile unless you’re a chipmunk and they are excellent climbers and can climb trees. The one in the pics looks young (thin). I believe they are a “threatened” species but they do fine in my yard.


Years ago when I was at the University of Michigan, my Ph.D. advisor would organize a summer paddle down the Huron River stopping at his home west of town for a barbeque. On one trip there was a similar snake hanging from a branch over the river and my professor deftly flipped it with his paddle into the canoe of two girls who were passing by. He thought they were with our group and they weren’t, but they started screaming and standing up in the canoe and created a mess of capsizing canoes at a little rapid/falls. Today there would be 15 posted videos, but alas for my labmates and I, we can only vaguely recall who did what and get a laugh out of our advisor and his practical jokes.

(Rat snakes I am used to are not so skinny.)

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Ha, good that no one was hurt. Reminds me of high school. There was a small group of us that were fascinated by snakes, and kept a number of them. One day, one of my friends came up with the idea of putting a black rat snake in a built in hall display case, with information about them and snakes in general.

Well, the snake climbed up the display case, using the pins that held the informative text on the wall for purchase, and escaped into the drop ceiling. The announcement over the PA system that a snakes was loose in the building, caused a fair amount of unease, and for the next class or so, people in that wing of the school were a bit less attentive to lessons than they might have been. Of course my group of friends were on the lookout and, fortunately, the snake poked its head out during a class my friend who owned the snake was in, so he caught it and order was restored once again.