Trying to figure out which video to buy

Hi. I am a relatively new paddler. I have been kayaking for 2 years and right now I have only have a rec boat. I have a Clearwater Design Nunu which I love and will never get rid of. But I am looking get into sea kayaking. I have paddled a few and love them and I may be able to borrow an old Perception Avatar for a while. I am also a Special Olympics athlete and I race on my local Special Olympics kayak team. I already own and love Epic’s Forward Stroke DVD, I have taken a couple of clinics on strokes and have a decent forward stroke. I have also been introduced to basic strokes such as draw stokes, bow and stern rudders and sweep strokes. I am very good at my cowboy reentry in my rec boat and I just ordered Sea Kayak Rescue How To by Roger Schumann.

My goals are to perfect my basic strokes, and start to learn all of my sea kayaking skills. I am trying to figure out which DVDs to get because I don’t have a lot of money at all. I am considering mixing and matching between the Nigel Foster series, the USK series and the Gordon Brown series as well as the Brent Reitz forward stroke DVD. Please let me know if any of you have any ideas on which DVDs would be great for me and in which order you think I should get them if I can only get one at a time. I don’t live in an area where we have big seas. I paddle mostly in lakes or entries to the Chesapeake Bay.

for sea kayak skills
For sea kayak skills, I like the Gordon brown series.

Can be purchased through at

U tube !
U tube video is instructive…paddler made videos are your videos…watch 3 - 4 you’ll get the idea.

USK video…surf clinic…bracing practice…are tops. Creator was instructor at Santa Barbara.

Ford’s kayak roll video is excellent esp the animation.

a couple of my favorites
The Reitz forward stroke DVD that you mentioned helped my quite a bit. One of my other favorites is Beyond the Cockpit with Derek Hutchinson.

During your jouney at some point
give the greenland paddle a try. You might like it. Use it for five or six days. If you don’t like it go back to euro. Many people who try the greenland paddle end up sticking with it.

thank you ;0)
Thank you so much for your responses. They were very helpful and I will look at all of your suggestions for instructional videos.

I actually got a chance to try a Greenland paddle just Wednesday. One of the guys in a group that I paddle with brought his LONG wooden boat so that I could try it and he had his Greenland paddle as well. I tried the paddle with my little rec boat and then tried his boat with my paddle. I did not want to try the wooden boat with the Greenland paddle because it would have been too many new things to figure out. I liked both of them. I would love to have a Greenland paddle at some point. They are beautiful. It felt a little awkward at first but I liked it once I got a feel for it. Same for the boat. :0)

skill required
paddling with a 2x4

paddling with a 2x4
LOL! That is pretty much what it felt like! :0)

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"At some point in your journey…"