Trying To Find The Right Kayak (Fishing)

I live in Central Il and have access to countless strip mine lakes. Issue is most do not have boat access so my wife and I have decided a Kayak might be the best way to go as we can carry it or add a two wheel cart to pull it on. Can you steer me to a brand or specific one that would be Sit on Top, Tandem and maybe down the line attach a trolling motor for the bigger lakes? Some of these guys are over 100 acres. I’d like to stay under 2k if possible.

Thanks for any assistance.


This is five minutes from my house. 4 lakes around 130 acres of water.

Your needs aren’t all that specific, so there are many kayaks which could work for you. You might want to head down to your local kayak shop (not big box store - but a kayak specialty shop) and see what they would recommend. I am sure they know the needs of your local waterways and will have good advice.

Trolling motor may limit your selection some, if that is a requirement. Some brands have ones that are made for custom for their kayaks which are pretty sweet, but I think they are all single kayaks only.

Keep in mind, many states require that once you put a motor on (even an electric one) you now need to register the boat.

In addition to Peter’s good advice, one possibility is

Ocean makes a tandem fishing kayak, but from what I’ve read, you need to buy a separate motor mount for it.