Trying to get on the water r, should I go used?

I have been trying to find a feelfree moken v2 for about a month, I am in NJ, have had no luck, this would be my first Kayak I am 5’7 190lbs and would use it on lakes , rivers, maybe in the ocean but less than 10% of the time, with Labor Day here I would have to wait about a month to have a dealer get one in stock and hope I get it b4 someone else does, so I have been looking at used ones, I see a Tarpon120 and a vibe sea ghost both around $600 while the Moken new would be more, is it worth going used to save a few hundreds bucks? How do I judge a used boat, I would not be able to test the used ones, I know I would still need a paddle and a PDF in either case. I am looking for a SOT and something that kinda of can handle different waters, thanks

Tarpons are good boats for most conditions. A friend lives on the coast and paddles a T120. You should be fine with it at your size.
Condition? A few scratches and scrapes are fine. You want one that has been stored mostly out of the sun. The hatches should be in good shape, no broken hinges. The seat should not be damaged.
It retails for $1K. I think the asking price is too high unless it is in new condition. Shouldn’t be over $500 IMO but there is a shortage of available boats now.
Is a used boat worth it? Taken care of it will outlast you.
It is PFD, Personal Floatation Device. Look at Astral V8.
Aquabound makes good paddles at reasonable prices. Carbon shaft, nylon blades. You probably need a 230 cm length.


Starting out used is always a good way to go. You will soon learn the pros and cons of your choice, whether the boat that you have chosen ir the right fit for what you want to do with it. All boats are a compromise, no one boat will do everything. Almost no one stays with their first boat forever unless they want to keep it and start a fleet. What you learn will help you make your choice for the next one.

With minimal care, you can usually sell a used boat for about what you paid for it. Although some people try and sell a boat that they bought new for nearly the same amount, most used boats generally sell for about half the price of a new one. Minor scrapes and scratches from normal use will not affect a boat’s performance. With reasonable care a boat can last for decades.

As the weather is starting to change, be sure to read up on the dangers of cold water and always wear your PFD. These are the two major factors in the majority of kayak fatalities.

Thanks for the replies, I am seeing some decent used boats , saw a feel free lure 13.5, not sure I need on that large but it is a decent price and looks well cared for , I am gonna look at it this week. I know they are heavy but hopefully I will be able to store it at a lake house in the near future. My goal is to get out in the water before it gets to cold in NJ, I have thought about waiting until spring but I would miss the great fall colors.

The Tarpon is a better boat and $600 is a reasonable price if its in decent shape. Kayaks have been selling out all over the place so I would not expect to drive the price down if it’s still available.


I never got any traction on the Tarpon, seller has not returned my questions so I bought the Feel free Lure 13.5, it comes with a ridder, trolly cart, and a standing bar/tower and PFD and a good paddle so I think it was a good deal , It is heavy on land but the C tug makes a big difference. will be on the river by this weekend and really that wa the goal , get out a few times b4 the season gets to cold in NJ