Trying to ID Blackhawk model - 1995 14.5'

I’m trying to narrow down the model options of a 14.5’ 32" wide Blackhawk BLQ02254K95 with the removable 3rd seat. Any thoughts much appreciated.

Combi 14.9

Overall Length 14’8"
Waterline Length 14’6"
Waterline Width 28"
Depth at Center 12.75"
Bow Height 22"
Stern Height 16.5"
Weight Gold (kevlar) 45 lbs
Weight Silver (fiberglass) 50 lbs

My buddy had one. It’s a fine solo boat and a hot/sporty tandem for lighter loads. I think the K in the serial number may indicate Kevlar but I’m not sure.

Thanks Tom - appreciate the info.

Sure no problem. I forgot to include the hull width which is listed at 32.5 inches. Enjoy!