Trying to location Orion Pocket Rocket

I am trying find a marine or boat shop in Rhode Island, Mass., or NY that sells Orion’s Pocket Rocket Aerial Flare, model PRK3B. This looks like it would be an ideal addition to a sea kayaking signal kit.

This is not the Skyblaser, but a pocket pencil launcher with replaceable flares.

I already tried West Marine. They indicate that this item is no longer available from their distribution cetner, but Orion still produces it as far as they know.

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there is boaters world…
are these legal to be shipped???ground shipped only???gotta be somewhere in the US…


Flares and pyrotechnics are considered

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Hazardous Materials by DOT and their transport is heavily regulated. That is why is it far more cost effective to go to a retailer that has paid to have a case of these items brought in.

In difficult, time dependent conditions,
…you may want to consider not using these. You’ll be fumbling around with 2 pieces of equipment each of which requires fine motor control, which you may not have in your fingers at the time you need these due to hypothermia, etc. If one piece of equipment is dropped, your out of luck. Same goes for 12 guage flares–too much to go wrong when you need them the most. Just a thought.

Are there other ‘on PFD’ options that don’t require secondary apparatus besides Skyblazers?

Skyblazers - high failure rate
I can’t disagree about the potential problems of using two items (launcher and load) with the pencil flare or flare gun set-up.

However, I don’t think Skyblazers are the answer either. Several tests reported here on have shown the Skyblazer failure rate to be as high as 50%.

Before someone recommends a VHF unit, I already have a capable one. I was just looking for some backup, but the pickings seem to be slim.

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New skyblazers, old skyblazers…
I’ve launched many skyblazers during 4th of July festivities and have yet to have one fail. These were units that resided in front PFD pocket with no protection in and around saltwater for many days and were a year or more past date.

I heard some time ago that they were beefed up and made more reliable about 3 yrs. or so ago. Most of the tests I’ve read about took place several years ago. Any comments out there that have better/more recent info?

However, like you, I think it would be great to have an equivalent alternative with a reliable hx.

Also needed is a small smoke that can be easily carried in a PFD pocket. Skyblazer used to have one before they were bought by Orion. It was a small metal can and about 1 1/4" dia. by 1 1/2" long. Small, but better than nothing


Thanks! I also found them here…

WMJ Marine wants nearly $23 for ground shipping. That is quite high for such a small package, but again flares are DOT HAZMATs, which I am sure is factored into the shipping cost.

I have also sent an email to Revere to obtain a shipping quote from them.

i heard back from revere…
they refered me to a shop in CT…

Yeah, they are apparently an

Orion Pocket Rockets and Skyblazers

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Numbers on the Orion Pocket Rockets seem much better in terms of height attained (300' vs. 197') and brightness (10,000 candela vs. 3000 candela) than do the miniflares in the Revere Miniflare Kit. But maybe the Orion product is more bulky with less signals (8 vs. 3?). I did talk to Orion today and the gal said that the primers are sealed in the Pocket Rockets, but the on-line adds just mention a watertight container and don't specifically say watertight/proof flare itself.


I found this site: (not a Canadian site...another head scratcher...)

These are Skyblazers that launch two stars at once. New to me so I called Orion. Apparently, and I should've know this, these are the Canadian version of the Skyblazer product as in Canada you're supposed to launch 2 signals as once. Each signal has the same brightness and height attained as the single signal version down here, according to Orion cust. service, so this seems like significantly greater signalling capability in the same size package. However, these are not USCG approved apparently. Probably because they are a made for and sold in CA to meet the Canadian CG requirements.

Would there be a reason (signalling or otherwise--only supposed to launch one at a time in the US, etc.?) that these Twin Star Skyblazers wouldn't be effective in the US? Any ideas?

I called a West Marine just over the border from here and a 3 pack of these were ~ $33 US. About the same as down here at West Marine. I do most of my extended trips in CA anyway, so I should probably pick some of these up.

The Orion gal also did confirm that the Skyblazers had been redesinged when Orion bought the company that made Skyblazers and they are apparently more reliable now. What else would you expect from Orion cust. service, however.

I'm still going with the Skyblazers for on PFD aerial signalling devices as they are waterproof, they float and do not require any other apparatus to launch (self-contained). Very simple to operate and have been quite reliable for me. Wish there was something else comparable on the market however.

Also, I pack one of Orion 1 oz. Fluorescein Dye Marker on PFD. (High visibility green fluorescent dye. Spreads quickly. Make vessel easily recognized from the air.) I've been able to special order these by themselves from West Marine in the past.

Maybe someone will find this info helpful...

Edit: The place just told me that they don't have the twin star Skyblazers available 'yet'...

2nd Edit: The place just told me that these have been discontinued per the manufacture... Well, at least in the US. They're available in Canada.