Trying to order ONNO paddle

I’ve been trying to talk to Patrick at ONNO paddles for about three weeks now. I would like to talke to him about ordering a paddle. I’ve left email and voicemail. The answering machine message is pretty garbled and I can’t really make out what he is saying. Does anyone know what is up with them? Are they out of business?


Need Patience…

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If you're in rush, I say that ONNO may not be the best bet. However, if you got a paddle already and can wait for an upgrade at a really good price, then ONNO/Pat is hard to beat.

On top of this, I know that Pat and his wife just brought into this world a child. :)

I have a new surf paddle on order from Pat. But I know what it's like to have a new baby. He's probably going to the shop just to get some zzzz's. I'll enjoy the paddle when I get it but I am not in a rush and have my current ONNO and several other paddles to use.


Hang in there…
He just got back to work. He called me yesterday. I’ve been waiting for over a month to talk with him and order a seat. Remember, he’s a one man show and he can’t work all the time. He’s got to take a break sometime. Sadly, our timing is off. You will get your paddle and I’ll get my seat. I believe they both will be worth the wait. Franklin

Pat may be away
I think his wife was having a baby. She’s more or less the business manager and Pat is R & D and production so they may be a little slow.

Thanks for the info
Thanks for the info. I didn’t want to keep hounding him if he was on vacation or …having a baby. From what I have read I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

I’ll add my 2 cents and reiterate that
it is worth the wait. Pat does a great job and the paddle is real nice.

Another Pat

Oh Yeah… Wait And See
the new surf paddle I am getting… SWEEEEET!!! I demoed the proto blade along side the regular surf/www blade in a single paddle. A real noticeable difference. The new paddle is going to be a smooth powerhouse.


ONNO not ignoring you part two.
Recent events have honestly kept me from the shop and have occupied all of my time.

Below are two letters I sent out to folks over the last several weeks who have been patiently waiting for me to get back to them. Those who have just recently contacted me would not have been mailed one of these because of my overly optimistic belief that I could get right back to them. I figure this type of stuff should be on a website rather than this board but if Brent allows it, hopefully anyone who runs a micro business can relate.

After finally sending home my three sisters-in-law who were out here to ‘help’ us I can say that things are settling down into a routine and since this is the first night the baby has not been up in my arms I guess this is as good a time as any to start chasing the tigers tail again.

Please know I AM still here and looking forward to participating again in this winter’s ‘favorites’ topics and polls : ) with all my friends here at


First off. Thank you for your interest in my paddles and boats.

I apologize for not getting back to you with in a timely manner with answers to your questions and offering information you can use.

This is the time of year when we are the most busy and demand usually outstrips my ability to keep up. I have been working much later into the night to keep pace and to get paddles out for folks. My occasional posts on are my time ‘off’. Other than testing some new prototype blades, I myself have not paddled my own boat more than a quarter mile since the beginning of June. We are swamped.

Some of this is compounded by the fact that our boats and accessories are being ’ discovered’ and we are also building more of these than ever too.

Since much more of my time is spent building in the shop, there are often just not enough hours in the day … or week : ) for me to get back to everyone as quickly as I really want to. Please know I am not ignoring you. Rather I am gulty of ‘saving’ your email and my reply 'till I have some real time to sit down and put my heart into my response. Please also know that even if you had broken through the wall and got to me, I would not be able to go any faster than I am right now getting back to you today.

On to say, I promise you will hear from me asap. Not another generic letter like this but I will go over your email and answer every question you pose with my usual alacrity. Please feel free to update your original email with any further questions or thoughts you might have as well.

Thank you for your patience.

Most sincerely,


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your interest in my paddles, I really appreciate you contacting me and I hope I can actually speak with you real soon.

I apologize for the generic feel of this e-mail but I just want to get something out to let you know I am here and I DO care about you.

I have just become a new first time father and for the last few weeks I have been taking care of my lovely wife and little baby. Besides being the busiest time of year for us I am overwelmed by the amount of time a newborn takes up. I have hardly been in the shop at all other than to longingly look

@ my idle molds, mandrels and fresh roll of carbon.

Please, please understand this is the absolute first time I have had to sit down and type something out.

It seems we are getting back to our routine and I am chomping at the bit to get back out into the shop to start doing what I love again with alacrity and inspired vigor.

Over the next few days here ( if everything and everone stays nice and healthy) I promise to get back to you with personalized answers to your questions and info you can use. Hopefully we will both be better off for it.

In the meantime please feel free to write back with any specific questions you might have, happy to go over every and any detail you might be wondering about.

Thank you once again for taking the time to write to me and sincerest

thanks for your patience.

You will here from me soon.

Most sincerely,


That brings an ear-to-ear grin here
As a microbusinessman with 6 kids, you brought a smile to my face and now fond memories to my foggy brain. Our first son (now 19) didn’t sleep 5 hours straight until he was 9 months old. Never knew anything so small could push you so close to the edge. I also understand the “wave” that can bury me when the shop calls but family calls louder.

For now, enjoy that little armfull - especially those times when you’ve won the battle in the middle of the night, and he’s peacefully sleeping in your arms in the moonlight.

An impatient customer is nothing compared to a 19 year old…

Hang in there, Dad!

Thanks, Pat
. . . for running a great business. I appreciate what you do for the paddling community and also understand what it’s like to be sleep deprived with children at home!

Congrats on the new addition
to the family. Some cool stuff there. Enjoy the time away from work taking care of the important things.


I run a micro business too and understand exactly what you are going through. Hang in there, you make a great product at a great price. People will wait for you or not, but right now, you have more IMPORTANT things (or thing) to worry about.

May you be given great strength and patience to endure a successful business and a new baby.

Still enjoying my new paddle…Vivian

Beautiful baby
Patrick. He has his projects lined up and ready to go. I was just there. Good luck. Time flies so enjoy your time together.