"Trylon" -- plastic or composite?

Does anyone know anything about the performance characteristics of this “Trylon” material?


I’m looking at this boat for my first foray outside of plastic boats.

Trylon is a plastic material. It is a thermal molded plastic. Most plastic boats you see are roto molded. The thermo’s give you lighter weights, performance simlar to a composite kayak, and the durability of a roto molded boat. That said it’s still not as nice as paddling a glass boat

I have a Tracer
I bought it this spring. The construction and quality seem first rate. Before I bought it I spoke to several outfiters who had Hurricane boats in their rental fleet. The all said the boats held up very well . . . even better the many of their roto molded boats. Each outfitter said that the company was great to work with and their customer service was first class.

I like my tracer. it is fast and handles very well. However, after spending several years in a Carolina the Tracer seems very tender. the Carolina is like a family car and the Tracer is like a vette. I have not seen anyone who have any of the other hurricane boats but have read the reviews on this site and everyone seems to have great things to say about them.

Hurricane will be putting thigh braces in their boat starting sometime in the fall. They told me they would send me a set.

I don’t think you can go wrong with these boats. They are much cheaper and lighter them the Perception thermoform boats. My 16.6 ft. boat weights about the same as the 13.5 ft Persection Senoma and cost about the same (if not less)

Try one . . . You’ll like it

My wife has their Tampico…
My wife has their Tampico, and she really likes it. The material it is made out of seems to be pretty sturdy. I bought this for her, after a friend’s wife told me how much she liked hers. She had it for a couple years, from when “Hurricane” first started making them, and it still was in good shape.

My wife test paddled the Tampico, and we took it home with us. It seems like a good middle material between Roto, and Composite.

Thermal molded plastics
that are being used I was told or read somewhere is in the same family of plastics that are used in eyeware.