TS Odette - Looking Good

She’s a small “fish storm” that will stay offshore. We’ll be getting modest swells in NE from Saturday into early next week.

Play time. :sunglasses:




Finally, it was a so-so surfing window from Odette :thinking:

Went out Sunday at sunrise. Boston Buoy was registering 4’ plus swells with 11-12 second intervals, BUT also a stiff 20 knot north wind into the easterly swells.

Yup, pretty blown out with weird wind waves on top of the swells.

I clearly have lost my “youthful exuberance.” Where I used to just launch and paddle out into the mess, I found myself asking whether I wanted to do a lot paddle sprints with lots of bracing and rolling practice, just to get a few crappy rides at best? Quick answer was NO. Instead, got back into the car and drove to the Stars Restaurant at Hingham Harbor – one of the best, if not the best, breakfast restaurant in the Greater Boston area. :yum:

Went back to the break after breakfast. Not much changed in conditions but there were now a few “swimmers” in the water: A dad with a couple of his kids, and a younger kid (10-12 years old?) by himself farther down the beach. There were no lifeguards after Labor Day and waves were generating some rip currents in different sections of the beach. :slightly_frowning_face: Fortunately, nothing happened. However, later in the evening, the news was of a man who got pulled out in a rip in NJ and drowned. (We go by the grace of…) Anyway, my hope for a good surf Sunday was dashed.

With a clear morning work schedule yesteday (Tuesday), I decided to head over to the break for session before afternoon meetings. The buoy was still registering some leftover swells in the 3’ range, but a fairly calm on-shore breeze. Glad I made the trip. While the Odette waves lack the same zip as those from the more power TS Larry, warm temp and beautiful sunshine made up for a lot. I think the three of us surfing the entire beach greatly appreciated the mellow rides. :sunglasses: