tsumani, wilderness system kayak

i just started kayaking so excuse me. i live in n.e. florida and have rented a 14’ tsumani and it feel pretty good. i paddle in the marsh areas of the intracoastal waterway which has a current from the ocean. i’ll mostly be just going out for a day at a time. lots of oyster beds around. any better suggestions on a kayak. i’m 55, 5’10" and 165 lbs. the price tag on the tsunami isn’t bad.

The Tsunami 125 also excellent.
Especially in duralite. It’s a little smaller and lighter, if you’re at all interested.

(I don’t own, but have tried it. Hope to make it my next boat).

I have also paddled the intercoastal
(near Jacksonville) and either the 14 or 125 can handle it just fine.

Used in kayak lessons
For the kayaking classes that I had through LL Bean, they used Tsunamis, Tempestes and another (Eliza?) kayak. I was in a 16.5’ Tsunami for both classes and felt very comfortable in it (and getting BACK into it for self-rescues).


I have 2
tsunami 140’s. Mine and my wife’s. We use them in creeks, rivers and marshes. We love how stable they are and how good they track. The only down side. At 55lbs they are quit heavy. If you can afford a duralite model then get it. The price we paid was just too good to pass up.

Buy it !!!
If it’s Wilderness it’s gotta be good and the 140 is an excellent kayak for your conditions.

Great boat.

More than 1/2 the paddlers I paddle with have 140 Tsunamis and I’m going with the 125 with best serves my purposes.

Happy paddlin’


There’s a pile of boats in the same class.

You will spend forever trying them all.

Tsunami=tracking,comfort,stability in all conditions,decent manouverability as well.

If you like it,just get it.

Tsunami 140
My wife and I have had Tsunami 140s for the past two years. We paddle protected areas of the FL panhandle coast primarily. They have been great boats and should be fine for the paddling you have in mind. They are stable, have decent speed, and enough storage for an overnight.

Being around 14" deep, they are are deeper then most touring kayaks, and as such are more prone to being blown around by a strong wind. However, if you will mostly be on the intercoastal, then winds should not be a huge problem.

It appears that Wilderness systems has developed a reputation for some quality control issues (at least on this board), and I can attest to that. My Tsunami is a 2005 model, and has had no issues. My wife’s is a 2006 model, that has had some quality control issues. None of the hatches fit very tight, the hatch rim on the oval back hatch was misformed, so a tight seal is almost impossible, and the plastic does not seem as strong as mine. I wish I had known what to look for before purchasing hers, as we would not have. That said, the issues could also be isolated to her kayak.

All in all, they are great day-touring boats. I would recommend them.


I’ve demoed a Tsunami 140, 145 (in Duralite) and a 165. I liked all 3 although at 220 I felt the 140 may be just a little small for me. I own a regular poly 165 and really like it. It is, as some mentioned, a bit heavier than other in it’s class but not by much. It is also a bit deeper as well which can make it catch a little more wind than some others. The trade off is that you’ll have more foot and leg room which I like (especially when my legs go to sleep and I need to stretch). It’s incredibly stable and I think that it responds well to leans to improve maneuvering. The rudder is an option but I don’t think it’s really necessary. The hatches get a bad rap on this site at times but I’ve never had any issues with mine. The Phase 3 seat is comfortable and easily adjustable.

Bought a 145 recently …

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... and love it so far, based on an admittedly small sample of outings. Not the Duralite model, unfortunately. It _is_ work to get it on top of our vehicle, but I can do it myself (Honda Odyssey and Thule Hullaport rack).

Got an unbeatable price on the 145 because of a blemish on the deck. I can _really_ see myself upgrading down the line, if/as we do longer and more demanding trips (and to satisfy what seems to be a very insidious, gnawing demon ... "serious-expedition-kayak-lust". Gotta get to that point, though, and have the cash ... for now am certainly satisfied with the 145.