Tsunami 120, 125, or 140???

I’m looking to purchase my first kayak and have narrowed my search to a Tsunami 120, 125, or 140. My kayaking experience is limited, and I’m 5’6" and 180 lbs. Any suggestions about which kayak might be best for me? Thanks …

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I forgot to offer the following, if it matters: my experience is paddling in a 14’ Dagger…

I’d go with the 140
you don’t need the rudder.

140 is more versatile
all-purpose boat, but the 120 is a fun day-tripper for rivers and twisty creeks too.

My bet is that you’ll fit better in the higher foredeck of the 125. Unless you need the extra cargo capacity of the 140, you’ll have lots of fun paddling the 125.

I like the 125
If i had the chance, I’d get one for myself.

The 125 has a higher deck than the 120 so more leg-room. Plus I can put the yappie-dog under there easily.

The 140 is too long for my needs. I like my boats to be 12’ as the minimum size for camping and the max for a day-trip.

It’s a personal thing but I find 14’ bots to be too long to be easily managable.

It depends
It all depends on what you want to do with the kayak.

If you want to do some overnight camping in it then go with the longer 140. Personally I’d go with the longer one as you at least have the space to haul things then.

140 is much faster than a 125
And a 125 turns easier than a 140…until you lean to edge the boat. Then you’ll be able to turn many 16 foot boats as fast as others can turn a 12 footer.

14’ more versatile

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I think you may be too heavy for the 120, especially if you have plans on camping.

The 125 is rather wide at 26" and is more akin to a rec kayak IMO. I paddled one and found it very slow.

I think you will outgrow the 120/125 series rather quickly if you stick with the sport.

The 140, being a light touring boat, will be more versatile, faster, hold more equipment, and will let you tackle more adverse conditions as your skills progress.

My wife and I own Tsunami 140/145 boats and really like them for a variety of conditions and uses. We can easily fit enough camping equipment and supplies for a week trip in our two boats. The seats are very comfortable and adjustable. We replaced the high back seats with Tempest style backbands and padded out the Harmony hip pads for better fit and control. (That being said; aside from small lake, river and camping trips, I find myself using my Nordkapp RM more often these days.)

A 14' "day touring" kayak is very versatile. Other boats to consider in this class include the North Shore Aspect RM, Dagger Alchemy, Necky Manitou 14, and the new Perception Expression. Interestingly, these boats are all skeg equipped (yet another decision).

Another option is the thermoformed Delta 12.10. Priced similarly to some poly kayaks, this 12'10" kayak gets rave reviews for it's design, cargo carrying capacity, and outfitting. It is often described as a small sea kayak. Another big advantage here - it's low weight. It does not have a rudder or skeg option.

Good luck in your search.

Thanks …
Great information, everybody! Thank you!

I would rule out the 125
That’s a high volume boat and it doesn’t sound like you need it. I’d go with the 120 or 140 - they are both lower volume and I think you’ll be happier with one of those.