Tsunami 120 - need front screw thingy

-- Last Updated: May-10-09 9:36 PM EST --

My Tsunami 120 lost the front catch/screw thingy that attaches the grab handle to the boat. The grab handle is still there but it just sort of swings wherever. I can't find the screw and bolt (or whatever the thin is called) at all, I am not even sure when it came off, possibly during transport.

Where can I get another? Or something that will fit into that screw hole and function the same way to hold down the grab handle?

Thank you.

I looked around at the hardware store but didn’t see anything that looked like what was on there. Forgive me but I am hardware challenged.

The obvious choice?
Have you considered calling the manufacturer?

Well, I guess I could
but just didn’t think it was worthy of bothering Wilderness Systems with. I mean, it must be in some hardware store somewhere, right? Or else there must be some company that I can buy it from for a couple of bucks plus shipping.

But if you really think it is something only the mfr would have, I will do that.

Paddle shop, marine store
Even when you find the screwy thing (I kinda like that term), you’ll probably need some kind of sealant to secure it well. A marine store, if you can find one near you, will have stuff that is already suitable for a wet environment. Not that a good hardware store can’t help, but you may have to know more about what you are buying.

As to the screw, WS should be your first stop. The second should be a paddle shop, who can sometimes get stuff from a manufacturer that is more difficult for an individual to score. I’d particularly recommend a whitewater oriented place if there is one around, since you are talking a plastic boat.

Contact local dealer
Just contact your local dealer. They should have some replacement parts in stock. Usually, the dealer is a much better resource for small oddball parts than the manufacturer. Just stick with the smaller dealers though, large box stores may not have any idea what you’re talking about and will have to go through 50 steps just to get a screw.

If local dealer not an option
They should at least be able to tell you what kind of screw it is. If they can’t, then just go on the WS website and send a message under “contact us”. Before you go to a hardware store or marine store or wherever you need to know exactly what kind of screw is used.

dealer or WS direct
this is not a standard hardware item.

a ‘good’ dealer should have 'em in stock or WS will send you one.


Celia -
Let’s be technically precise here. The OP specified a “catch/screw thingy”, not a “screwy thing”, which everyone knows is totally different. Flatpick - Are the front and rear catch/screw thingies interchangable? Sounds like a special order to me…

Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.

I will check with the dealer
where I bought the boat. There is another dealer not too far also if the first one doesn’t have it. Thanks to everybody for your suggestions, you have been very helpful!

special thingy
it’s interchangeable fore/aft but a propriety part that we have designed for the job.

special order, yeah.


I stand corrected
Beyond that there is nothing I can say which won’t be a straight line for a joke…

Today I called the dealer where I bought the boat but he couldn’t help me. So I called another dealer and he wanted to help but he couldn’t either. So I called Confluence and spoke to Scott (if I remember correctly), who was very helpful and is going to send me the part.

Thanks everybody for your suggestions!