Tsunami 120 or 125

A friend is looking to buy a Wilderness Tsunami but can’t find any demos in the area. For those that have paddled them, which is a better fit for a 6 foot, 175 pound man with size eleven feet? Would he fit in the 120 or would he need to go with the larger sized 125? Paddling will be on small lakes and class 1 rivers. Any opinions are welcome.

I had a 125. I am 6’ 210lbs and that boat was WAY too big for me. The thigh braces became knee braces. Never paddled the 120 though. It may have been too small. I liked the fit of my Chatham 16 though and that cockpit is smaller than the 120. Depends on how he wants it to fit.


I agree
The 120 would be fine.