Tsunami 120 or prijon capri tour

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I’m going to be purchasing my first kayak in a few weeks. I’ve narrowed my selection down between the wilderness systems Tsunami 120 or prijon capri tour. Will I be too heavy for these boats (5’9" 185lbs)? What are the pro and cons of each? How does the worksmanship of each compare?

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Wildy lists the capacity…
of the Tsunami 120 at 275 pounds. You might look at the 140, which has a 300 pound capacity, or the 145, which has 325.

Not only would they be a little faster, they are not as wide, so they might slip along a little easier at cruising speed.

I think you’ll like the outfitting of the Tsunami.

if you ‘fit’ in the 120, it’s OK at your weight. knee/thigh room will tell ya.

If not go to a 125. it’s almost exactly the same boat in a LARGER size.

If you go to 14’ers it’s another story altogether.


Prijon Capri

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You'd have to sit in it to be certain, jdogg, but having owned two Capris (and wishing I never sold them, I still miss them), they are spry little boats with plenty of cockpit room. I beleieve you'd fit fine, as the paddler who bought my Capris was a large and strong paddler, likely 210 lbs and 5 foot 11 inches. I apddled with him, no issues.

The German made boat has impeccable workmanship. You could always go up to a Calabria or Motion if you wanted even more space.

The main sell for the Capri over the WS 125 (I don't see a 120 in the Buyers Guide on Pnet) is the weight... the WS 125 is 54 lbs, heavy for it's length...the Prijon Capri is 46 lbs... or 9-10 lbs lighter. That is a major difference.

:-) Try them both. G'luck.

Just my 0.02 centavos.

Toss up
I’m 5ft., 10 1/2", and 188 lbs., and the Capri Tour is just fine, even with some extra gear. The Capri Tour has a longer waterline length and a lower front deck profile and it tracks very well. I’ve paddled the Tsunami 120 just a couple of times, so I don’t know how it’ll behave in the wind. I’d expect it to be a bit drier ride in boat wakes and swells. It did track and paddle well. The Capri Tour will need a float bag in the bow if you’re going in open water. The Tsunami 120 already has a forward bulkhead and a hatch, plus deck rigging. I found both boats to be comfortable to spend time in. Definitely try 'em both.

The Prijon is blow molded instead of
Rotomolded. Stiff, strong and well made.

great suggestion

Tsunami 120
I am 5-10 and 180, no problems in the 120 and the comfort of their seats is tough to beat! I have done 18 mile paddles in this thing and caught huge bluefish out of it as well, very versatile and awesome kayaks. But as someone sadi if you want more speed (dont get me wrong the 120 is fast) go for the 140. the 120 is only 50 lbs though. Its great in rivers and lakes and ocean, it has sealed bulkheads making it a ocean kayak.