Tsunami 125 (2018)

After posting my review of the latest redesign of the Tsunami 125, I recommend reading the review posted by Shadow; he mentions the purpose and intended use of the 125 that distinguish it from other kayak(s) of similar size and also includes a number of positive features and characteristics. Although his Axiom and my former Pungo 140 are very different
designs, (I think) we reach somewhat similar conclusions about the 125’s handling of current/faster water. (again, I am not a skilled paddler.) I can relate to the robertmeck review also, concerning ease of getting in & out; to me the 125 feels a bit less user friendly. Having a Tupperware type hatch cover blow off (10 years ago), while traveling on a highway, I miss the Pungo style hatch cover - but I guess most of my “cons” look like attempts to turn the 125 kayak from a day touring kayak to something more recreational. Years ago, the tip of the stern hull of my Pungo developed a hole (okay it was my fault) - the 2018 Tsunami 125 has a replaceable, hard plastic piece that completely avoids that… Matter of personal preference, the seat feels the same as my Pungo. Might be of value to post impressions from anyone who paddled the previous 125 vs the current 2018 as the hull has, according to Wilderness/Confluence, has been redesigned; if anyone feels there is a noticeable improvement. - it might be of value to those undecided about buying a new 2018 vs. a new or used discontinued 125.