Tsunami 125 vs. Tsunami 145


New poster here. About to purchase a sea kayak and wanted some advice. Its either between the Tsunami 125 or Tsunami 145.

I’m leaning towards the Tsunami 125 since some reviews I’ve read on this site seem to think the 145 is quite slow. I’m about 6’1", 210 lbs, size 12 feet. Is the 125 going to be roomy enough?

I’ve sat in the 140 and it seemed ok but perhaps a tiny bit too tight. Not sure if I adjusted the foot pedals correctly.

The kayak will be used mostly for day trips but possibly some short overnight or camping trips. It seems like the 145 has tons of storage space but I have to imagine the 125 would be adequate for this purpose as well.

Most kayaking will be done in the puget sound region. Not my intent to take it out when its rough, but being able to handle 2 foot of chop would be great.

thanks in advance


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I think the 125 would be better if you were using mostly on narrow rivers, smaller lakes. Let the more expert say more -- I could be wrong!
(Edited: I said "145" because you said "Puget Sound.")

Tsunami 145
I can write about the 145. I recently bought a used 145 to use in the local low flow rivers to save the hull of my composite sea kayak. I’m 6’-3", 215lbs, size 12 feet and the 145 is plenty big. I replaced the spongy foot rests and installed a phase three back band… the ws phase three seat system is VERY comfortable.

IMO the 145 is pretty boring for wave surfing and playing in the eddies but the 145 is very stable and has lots of room for stowing camping gear. My composite sea kayaking buddies call my 145 “salami” or “barge” and I kind of agree but for the local river floats we often do the 145 works great.

Good luck.

I suspect…
that limiting yourself to 2 ft chop in Puget Sound will leave you on land more than you would like. Or paddling when you shouldn’t. It may be a better idea to pay some bucks for time with one of the outfitters in that area learning what to expect than to put it into a boat not understanding that.