Tsunami 125owners : half spray deck?

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'Enjoying my new Tsunami 125 but would like to reduce the amount of water entering the cockpit when paddling into the wind. Seals and Harmony have models that might fit my kayak but no local stores carry these nor will order them. My preference is a deck that will allow access to small items (snacks, camera, etc.) stored in the cockpit with having to remove the deck/skirt. Any suggestion would-be greatly appreciated.

Try Mashall

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of The River Connection. Hyde Park, NY.


You can message him at https://www.facebook.com/theriverconnection/

He's a Seals dealer and may be able to help you out.

Oops: meant Marshall.

Will do, thanks!

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Marshall replied to my inquiry in less than an hour! Unfortuneately the product just was not what I needed.

Half skirt
Is what you want.


That’s what I had in mind - I had a similar one 12 years ago for my first Pungo 140, before the grey plastic decks were available - i would imagine it would be more effective on the Tsunami 16" high hull and smaller cockpit dimensions.

Case solved
After stopping at 5 EMS sporting goods stores, I tried the Seals Skirts at Kittery Trading Post. One size was too tight and I couldn’t get it onto the combing; the next was too big and slipped off. Stopped at 3 Dick’s Sporting Goods stores before finding a simple “Shoreline Marine Kayak Half Skirt” that cost me $29.99. Even though it is for a large size cockpit, after tightening the bare cord it doesn’t slip off as easily as the fabric covered designs. I just have to reinforce the tension bar so it doesn’t collapse so easily. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions.