Tsunami 135 size

Looking for a first boat for my wife. Found a Tsunami 135 for a good price. She’s approx 5’10" and 135. Would that be a good size for her?

change out the backrest for a tempest backstrap and put a dayhatch bulkhead in her and it’ll be 1st class.


in her?!
flatpick, we’re talking about my WIFE!

boats are always refered to “her”, silly!


This post brings to you the logical and funny reasons to call a boat/ship as She/Her

  1. Looks beautiful: Anyone seeing a ship at sea from shore would appreciate how beautiful the ship is. Neatly painted hull, colorful flags flying in the mast, curves of the hull definitely make the ship charming.

  2. Behaves like a woman: If you look after her, she will take care of you. If not, she will ditch you. You have to love her or she will make you suffer. During the good old days, when mariners were only men, she was their pretty woman.

  3. Seen as Goddesses and Angels: As ensuring the safety of the life of the sailors were in the hands of the ship, traditionally ships were dedicated to goddesses and angels by naming them. Thereafter mostly female names are given to the ships.

  4. Grammatical Gender: Certain languages like Indo European languages have grammatical gender, where the word for ship is feminine.

  5. Clean and tidy: To ensure better crew health and machinery health (read reliability), the whole ship is kept spick and span and ensures good housekeeping like a woman who spends most of the time in keeping the house in order.

  6. Hard taskmaster: Life at sea demands tough ship routine, keeps the crew always occupied like a woman who always prefers to keep you in her bond.

  7. Prefers company: Ship at sea generally keeps watch for other ships at sea like a woman who does not like loneliness and looks for company.

  8. 360 degrees of freedom: Ship is free to sail 360 degrees around the globe like a woman who prefers total freedom in her movements.

  9. Costly to maintain: The running costs of a ship are mostly high like a woman who goes on a spending free on shopping.

  10. Up gradation: Ship needs machinery up gradation during the whole life cycle to remain sea worthy like a woman who upgrades to latest fashion, cosmetics, dress.

Interesting, flatpick
I never knew why boats were always referred to as female. I have given some of mine male names, some female, and I will probably continue that tradition but this was interesting to read, nonetheless.

Thanks Steve
I knew a lot of those but not that many.

A tasty bit of info that EVERY boater should know!