Tsunami 14 vs Tsunami 145

I know this has been covered before but I cannot find the post.
My dream boat has been the Tsunami 14 or 145, mainly for multi-day camping trips. I like a 14’ because they go upriver easier than does my Dirago-12 though the cargo capacity appears to be the same.
But reading the ads makes me wonder… what is the difference between the two other than 6" and 6#?

I think the main difference is that like all the Tsunami xx5 models, the deck is a little higher giving them slightly more carrying capacity.

Generally the xx0’s are a better fit for smaller people and the xx5’s are better for larger people or paddlers who need more storage.

As a beginner I’ve paddled both. The 145 is bigger all around. Longer, wider, deeper, bigger cockpit. It’s designed for a big person. I’m 5’6" 135 lbs. The 140 is still too big for me but it feels better than the 145. If you can paddle both that’ll help.