Tsunami 140, looking for adhesive/ sealant to seal bulkhead foams?

Hi Folks, I’m looking for advice on what to use to seal the foam bulkheads inside my kayak to the polypropylene ( tsunami 140) so the compartments remain sealed. Over time the foam and the sealant in the bulkheads has released from the sides.
I understand that EM 89 adhesive-sealant is the go to, but I can’t find any available for sale anywhere?
Does anyone know where I could find some?
Is there other products that can be used in its place?
I’ve been looking for months!
What are all the techs using to reseal the foams? Mine can’t be the only one that has released?
Thanks from a DIY’er

Following others’ advice here, I used Lexel to re-seal my foam bulkheads. So far, so good. It’s messy to apply inside a kayak (I used a tube in a caulk gun), so be sure to have rags and solvent on hand to clean up.

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Thanks for your info.
I have read about lexel, and checked out the manufacturer website.
It states it shouldn’t be used for polypropylene. My kayak is polypropylene.
What’s your kayak made of, how long ago did you install it, and have you flipped your kayak in the water to see if it holds?

Lexel. $9.00 st Lowes. Clear in a clear tube. Clean with alcohol or other decreased. Scuff with sandpaper. Apply Lexel. There was a post on the topic.

Your Tsunani should be rotomolded polyethelyne, unless it is one of the Tsunmani Pros, which would be thermoformed ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

Lexell would not damage either. That said, nothing really likes to attach to polyethylene, so clean and prep the area very well for the best chance of it working.

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Thanks for more info folks.