Tsunami 140 or 145?

Im currently looking at buying a kayak, and have found a nice deal on a tsunami 140 or 145. Question is, Im not sure which to get first, and I have no way to test them. My concern is im 6’3", 195#, size 15 shoes. Ive read the reviews here, and the 140 sounds like the better boat. Is my size enough to warrant the 145? Im long, but not heavy. This will be used for slow michigan rivers and lakes. With the occasional shore hugging great lake trip. Would also carry some camping gear. Thanks in advance.


can you sit
in them. your comfort level after a few minutes should tell you which one.

you are a 'tweener. between sizes. the size 15 feet are an issue.

good luck


Old thread
Read this old thread concerning Tsunamis:


Unfortunetly, I cannot test them, as they are in california and would be shipped to me, so it will be a sight unseen purchase. Which is why im asking this well experienced group here.

It sounds like the 145 is more for “heavies” rather than tall people, and I am leaning towards the 140. Unfortunetly, it seems that there is no kayak in the rec-touring category that will accept my size 15s, so im just going to have to deal with that part.


where in MI are you?

I am 5’11", 200lbs and just started kayaking in a Tsunami 14.

My feet are quite a bit smaller at size 11, but I don’t think I can really keep my feet straight up- they end up kind of duck footed.

You’d be welcome to give it a spin if you are down around the SE part of the state.