Tsunami 140 with or w/out rudder?

I think I have narrowed down my decision to the Tsunami 140 and thought that I wanted it without the rudder, but it seems like that will be hard to find in my area. They all seem to be stocked with a rudder. It is not a question of the extra cost, rather that I don’t like the foot pegs moving with each stroke, and the noise that the rudder assembly makes. Part of what I like best about kayaking is how quiet it is. That said, is there a dramatic difference in this boat’s performance with the rudder compared to without?

Thanks for the help.


Rudder up?
How’s the noise and pedal stiffness when the rudder is up and stowed?

I think most
here will agree that with the Tsunami 140 the rudder is totally unnecessary. Any local paddling shop or big box like REI should be able to order one for you sans rudder.

Tsunami 140 with or w/out ruddler
Even my local paddle shop has only one 140 in stock, and it has a rudder. He ordered others in April and they still have not arrived. If I order one now, I won’t get it till our summer is over, so I am trying to find something in stock.

The rudder assembly makes noise even when up, and the foot pegs move noticeably also with each stroke. Also, the foot pegs are much easier to adjust position in the boat without the rudder.

I just wanted to make sure that the boat tracks OK without the rudder. I will probably spend about half my time paddling on the Deschutes River in Bend, OR and half the time on high cascade lakes. In the river, there is a strong current, and I have tested some boats that require constant corrective strokes to go up current even remotely straight. Others seem to handle the current better. Since it looks like the boat I think I want is not in stock locally, I am trying to get as much advice from the forum as possible. Thanks again!


I had the Tsunami 145
without rudder and found that I needed to paddle quite a bit harder to stay on course in certain weather conditions (going across waves or wind at an angle). Not insurmountable, but a skeg or a rudder would have corrected that. Skeg is not an option.

I did not get the rudder for the same reason as you - the pedals move on the ruddered models and I do not like that. I have moved to another boat since, so I’m not sure if one can get around the pedals issue in this boat or not - never paddled one with a rudder long enough to find out.

all three of my kayaks:
Enlightened Kayaks T-16, Prijon Kodiak and QCC 700 have rudders. Each rudder is of different design and from a different manufacturer - none make any noise when deployed or when locked onto the boat.

I have not paddeled your specific boat; however, I speculate that if your rudder is making noise when locked onto the boat, you are likely pushing too hard on the rudder pedals when paddling.

Rudder or not?

I paddle April to through November in Northern New York up on the Canadian border; I have learned to control each of my kayaks without using a rudder.

I deploy a rudder maybe 5 per cent of the time; I am 60 years plus old; and I am VERY happy to have a rudder on each of my kayaks.

Note: Your experience, location, skill level may be different.