Tsunami 140

I am going to look at 2 Tsunami 140s that are in the classified sections. They were purchased last year, and I believe they will look like they are brand new. With all the problems Wilderness has recently had, would you advice me not to get these or what should I look for as problems.

If theyre duralite models stay away, if theyre normal (gen2) plastic theyre alright. Check bulkheads for leaks or spots that look like they will leak, my cape horn was bad for that. If you get a good price theyre an alright beginner sea kayak,can do pretty much anything a real sea kayak can but slower and with less storage capacity.

Make sure the hatches stay on…
a lot of them are and were crap, and don’t seat properly.

I understand they were only used a few times…will let you know.

tsumani duralite
whats wrong with the duralite tsuamni? i know they are made of lighter material, not as sturdy as the regular poly, but they are easier to paddle than the regular poly one. i have 4 different tsumani models, i rather paddle the duralite one, just got the 165 poly, it has 2 sealed bulkheads in the back now, haven’t had time to install rudder on it though.

Getting them
…I think. Got some pics and they look brand new so all we have to do is agree on a final price if I like them when I see them.