tsunami 145 or zephry 160

Been paddling a Tsunami 125 for a coupe of years now. Love it for small lakes, creeks. I want an additional boat for larger lakes, and the Ohio River. Looking at Tsunami 145 and Zephyr 160. The Zephyr sounds good but most reviews call it “playful”. I like the idea of easy turning and rough water capability but reviews also note decreased speed because of the rocker. Will it be as fast as a Tsunami 145? I am 6’1" and 220 lbs.

zeypher is narower
which will mean it is less barge-like; less material in the water to propel. I didn’t see waterline specs to compare, but even if the zephyr has some rocker, i bet it has a longer waterline than the T145 (and narrower, so should be faster). Just my 2 cents; let the experts chime in…

Camping or not?
The Tsunami 145 is a great camping kayak with its large volume. But you already know what a Tsunami paddles like. IMO if you’re going to own more than one kayak you will get more enjoyment out of a hull with different character. Get the Zephyr, it’s immensely fun and you won’t be disappointed.

I have owned both boats
The Tsunami got sold after a season of seeing very little use after I got the zephyr. I found the zephyr to be lighter weight, better handling, and faster in the water. The Tsunami only has the advantage when you need a pack mule to haul a lot of stuff, the skeg box in the zephyr takes up a lot of room in the rear bulkhead area.

My Zephyr 160
is much faster & has more glide than my Tsunami ever had! Must be why I got rid of that Tsunami.

Wanting one even more now
Logic has telling me the same things y’all are. I just needed paddlers who had experienced both boats to help push me over the edge. Now to find a demo with a Zephyr 160 in my area to make sure it fits. Thanks a ton for the advise.

The guy that bought my
Tsunami wanted to bring it back… NOT!

I have owned both.
I much prefer the Zephyr. It does have quite a bit of rocker but it goes along just fine. Terrific in moving water and rough water.