Tsunami 145 vs Tsunami 175

I was all set to buy a WS Tsunami 145 but then I heard that WS is going to introduce a Tsunami 175. Same cockpit dimensions as the 145 just three feet longer. A customer service rep today at WS confirmed this. I’m wondering if I would benefit waiting for the 175. I’m a big guy at 6’4” 280 lbs. I mainly paddle flat-water lakes. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Check it first

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From what I have seen so far this year...don't order one...wait and inspect one in the showroom first....far, far too many kayaks have been arrive from Wilderness systems with loose bulkheads, poorly fitting hatches, scratched up hulls and other problems. Make sure that if you buy one, you are getting one that is first rate. Duralite in particular has been problematic this year. I have heard of other major dealers receiving nearly 200 kayaks in a shipment and, affter inspecting them, sending nearly half back on the same trucks that they arrived in.
They have some work to do regarding quality!

Good luck....

was flatpick’s suggestion to me, 6-4, 250.

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I haven’t paddled even a 145 yet, none in the rental fleet. Also, he notes that 165 is ready, but the 175 is not. Given that the cockpit is not going to be any bigger, it doesn’t seem like much advantage to wait for the 175. Unless it is going to be wider.

If you get a Tsunami, let me know how you like it.

Thanks, Don

I have paddled the 145 and…

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Really liked it. I have test paddled several different brands and models and felt most comfortable in the Tsunami.

camping, gear capacity…
crusing speed, effeciency in movement.

the 175 (and 160/ 165) are sea kayaks. The 140/ 145 are touring boats capable of sea travel but…limited by size to less capacity and speed.


How would you rank you’re ability
FB, how would you rate your ability? How much experience do you have and in what kind of kayaks? Thanks for you comments “felt most comfortable in the Tsunami.” Us big tall guys got to stick together. It harder for us to get in and out of these little craft, and the righting forces are greater when we get off balance. The local shop doesn’t have any Tsunami’s in their rental fleet yet, so I haven’t tried one out yet. Good luck in your search.

Steve, thanks for the ongoing updates.


Tsunami 120 ?


Need some good advice please. My friend who is 5’2" 130 lbs is looking to purchase her first kayak after paddling twice. It will be used on the Hudson River and lakes around central New York.

Tsunami 120 is the current thinking but we have also seen in print where this is touted as a “kids” boat.

Would appreciate any input immensely, either positive. negative, or otherwise.



I’m 5’6, 150 lbs and sat in the Tsunami
140 and 145 yesterday and the 145 cockpit was much too big feeling to me. The 140 cockpit felt pretty good, so did the Tempest 165. I didn’t try a Tsunami 120 because I was looking into longer and faster boats. If she’s willing to try a longer boat, she might check into a 140 also.

N O T !!!
the 120 is NOT a kids boat. we have been working on a kids version that will be out mid-summer/ fall.

the 120 is a full sized boat that will work well for folks up to 180-200 lbs, who want a snug fit. I weigh 180 and pack a fair amount of gear in her and it works fine.

at the canoecopia show we had many adults of various sizes sit in the 120 and love it.

good luck!


Thanks Steve
Was hoping you’d answer. Tried the e-mail link but got bounced back. Will you be at Paddlesport 2006?