Tsunami 16

Anyone seen it, bought it, paddled it?

Impossible to find in MD right now.

The Tsunami 14.5 was a bit small for me…anyone know where I can find the dimensions?

Also, is it going to handle completely different from the 14.5?

14 and 14.5

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How did the 14.5 handle?

tsumani 165
i got a 165 last week, this was the only one i’ve seen anywhere. the small hatch behind seat is sealed separate from the big hatch, this was a improvement over the 145. i have 1 of them also. will try it out this weekend if i get the rudder mounted. they had a 160 in also,

I paddled it today
at the demo in Virginia Beach. Very nice kayak. It will list for $1300 plus $200 for the rudder. $2900 for the fiberglass model per the factory rep. If it were not so expensive, I might have taken it over the NC kayak I am really leaning towards ordering… Also, they expect that any orders placed now will not be filled until mid July. I will sleep on it.

If the 145 wasn’t big enough you may fit in the 175. Cockpit/fitwise the 165 is bigger than the 140 and smaller than the 145.

the 175 maybe a while yet making it to market.



nice boat for the price
From an instructor view this is a pretty nice boat. Why? A novice or more paddler will find it edges and turns nicely, handles wind farily well, has decent deck lines and hatches and is comfortable and can be outfitted to fit decently too. Perhaps its limits are ease of entry and exit in conditons if the seat back is in the way, but this can be modified. Overall I recommend it to folks.