Tsunami SP

I found some old posts on here regarding adults over the recommended 120lb paddler weight using the Tsunami SP…Any of those people still on here?

I’m still in my first boat, a Venture Flex 11 with 25" beam, and its starting to feel like a bathtub (not to knock it, its narrower than most rec boats and has been a great first boat for me, learned to roll in it). I’m looking for something narrower but without going super long as I also like to do narrow winding rivers and tight mangrove trails.

I’ve looked at the eddyline samba (13’10", 22.5" beam)but at over $2000 it will take some saving. After stumbling upon the posts about the Tsunami SP’s 180lb designer paddling it, I’m thinking I could save some major cash giving that option a try…I don’t do much overnight paddling so I don’t carry much gear.

I’m 5’6" 145lbs…Yes I try before I buy, just looking for thoughts before I get that far.

Good if you fit in it.
The 140 will be much faster and you can turn it well if you can roll, thenyou can edge and turn.

tsumami 145?
Ok, maybe nuts but thought l would throw it out.

145 is nuts
throw out that idea - it’s for biiiggg people (sorry Celia). How about a Dagger Alchemy 14S? Sweet boats.


Forgot to say
that the SP is way small for you, IMO. We use them for kids, and they are great boats, but I can’t see anyone over 120# being happy in one.


Oops! Meant Tsunami 135
Still trying to hit the right buttons on a smart phone…

It’s officially for gurls I know, but at the OPer’s size it might also fill the bill for faster and narrower but still comfy.

Tsunami 135
Has a lower foredeck. Designed for women, bought two for my twins when they were 11.

Tsunami 135
Looked at the 135 specs…calling 14.5" a low deck seems a bit off…my rec boat has a listed depth of 12.5 as does the budget-busting Samba I’ve been stalking- does Wilderness measure differently?..also suspect I’d want to switch out the back rest for a backband

it’s come up before
the listed deck height for the 135 on WS’s website has always been off, maybe a copy-and-paste error.


my son has one since he was about 120# now maybe 140#, still fits him great.

there’s instructions somewhere on the WS site for how to swap the Phase 3 seatback for a backband.

another Venture?

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Have you looked at the Venture Easky 15LV? I'm near to your size (5'5", 155 lb woman with intermediate paddling skills) and like the fit and handling of it a lot. More nimble than you would expect for a 15' kayak and narrower at 22" and lower volume than your Flex. Would seem like a natural step up. I've got a mini-fleet of kayaks to choose from including some high-performance and much more costly boats, but the Easky is the one I choose most often. Priced in the same range as the Tsunamis, but I think it performs a tad better. Plus it is 10 lbs lighter than the Tsunami 140 (and about the same as your Flex). Has a good seat too, with a "convertible" back that fold down to nearly function as a back band (would be simple to replace it with a Snapdragon). Excellent thigh hooks -- sleek and fun boat.

Easky 15 vs Delphin
If I decide to go up to 15ft (for no apparent reason I have a mental block against it) I think I’d take a hard look at Venture’s parent company and the P&H Delphin…just based on its coolness factor. I can pretend I’ll learn how to surf…

Give it a try, and see which one you like more.

The Easky is about $500 cheaper, and is more of an all-around boat, from what I can gather.

The Delphin is lots of fun, and is also forgiving for beginners in flat or moderate waters. But it’s got some quirks too, and maneuvers differently than a more middle-of the road boat.

If you want to dabble with some beginner surfing, the Easky is likely just fine for that too.

Agree with Aamapes
The Tsunami SP fits kids well. At 145 pounds you will have virtually no freeboard. From experience with my family, kids, and one of these kayaks, the upper limit is indeed about 120 pounds as stated by WS.

surfing an Easky
I love to surf with my Easky – in fact, when I’m on lakes and rivers I seek out the power boats, just to play on their wakes. I use an 84" Greenland paddle, which is easier to brace and rudder with.