tsunami125 can I do it??

Bought a Tsunami 125 a couple months ago and now have the urge to do some fresh water fishing(haven’t fished in a couple of years). Am I crazy? Can I do it from the tsunami? What will I have to do? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I wouln’t be concerned about
the stability of the 125, isn’t it 26" wide? It could be iffy, depending on how the hull is designed, but that’s usually an OK width, depending on the type of fishing you want to do. The cockpit may be tight. Going light would, to me, seem to be the key. Also, if you are fishing for strong species that might run under the boat, you could have problems. Its certainly worth a try.

Only one way to find out
Keep your gear well confined, stowed, and minimalistic. Wear your PFD. Carefully select your water to something well below your paddling skill, and give it a go.

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It can be done…
I just bought a Tsunami 125 as well. I have had to make a couple of practice runs to figure out where everything needs to be. I use mine on small class I & II streams in the Ozarks in Missouri. I have no problems with stability. Heck, I even find myself sitting in the garage acting like I’m paddling and put everything where I think it should be. If you do this you’ll probably realize you’ll have to make some adjustments.

I’m going this weekend again, so I;ll take some pics of how I rig it and post them here…

26" wide?!?!?
Heck, my LL Stingray 14 is 1.5’ longer, and only 2" wider. It’s a barge. It would take a bigger fish than I’ve seen in these parts running under my boat to roll me over, believe me. It’s very stable at 28".Can two inches really reduce a Tsunami’s initial stability THAT much?

I have no problem fishing in my LL, except that it’s tougher to turn quickly, especially in a current, so I usually take my America 11.


Lots also depends on shape of bottom

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hull. Most rec kayaks are fairly flat. Even my Loon, which has a very pointed bow and stern has a wide, flat bottom in the mid section. The Tsunami is more of a day touring yak. I haven't seen the bottom, but some of them are much more rounded than a rec yak, and more tender. The fact that its shorter and narrower could mean its a lot more tender than your kayak too. On the other hand, my Necky Sky is 9.5 ft and 26" wide, paddles like a log because of its tendency to not track well, but is very stable...wide flat bottom.

I will be just be probably large/small mouth bass fishing nothing that is gonna put up a huge fight. I am in the New England area freshwater fishing. Should I look into rod holder? or any other accessories? If so what do they entail to put them on? Thanks for the help guys

Love the Tsunami
I love my wife’s tsunami and have used it for fishing in both lake and river. NO PROBLEM!!! The cockpit is a little tight compared to my NEcky Sky but it works well and is faster and more stable than the sky. I have a Dagger Magellan and for fishing I prefer the Tsunami. BTW I have never used the magellan in a river with rapids…it is OK for slow rivers.

I don’t use a rod holder, instead I use the bungees on the front to hold 2 rods and my small tackle box. The biggest problem is where to put my paddle when fishing- I can’t lay it acrossed the cockpit because it rolls and any leaning on my part the paddle falls out. There is a paddle park on the side, but in my opinion, its very inconvenient to access easily.

I’ll post some picks after this weekend to give you an idea of how I rig mine- until then, wait until you lay into your first fish and it starts pulling you around!!! It is sucha a blast!!!

I done it from a CD Caribou
my dad does it from a CD Gulfstream all the time.

I you should be fine.

Tsunami fishing
I also have a Tsunami 125 and will be trying out some fishing with it soon. For me it’s plenty stable but will have to work on gear placement. So far I’ve picked up a Scotty recessed mount and rod holder and will be installing it on the deck just out of reach from the paddle swing.

yak fishin
I fish from a perception 10’ almost everyday in the Puget Sound and have caught cutthroat and salmon both. The main thing is not to panic!!! If you are looking for big fish,take a net.

I have fished from boats as narrow as 21". I also have a Caribou that is 21.75" that I have fished from. Use your front bungees as a rod holder. Biggest problem is what to do with fish. If I am fishing a small area, I will use a stringer then pull it up for paddling or paddle very slowly if a short distance. Easiest is if you have a partner who can stuff the fish in a hatch for you. Use a soft cooler so you dont slime the boat. Use a lip gripper instead of a net. A needle nose multi tool on a lanyard does not take much room. Rod floats or lanyards are a good idea. Prefer the floats as it less to tangled in if you do flip.