Tubbs Keewaydin Canoe

I have an 18.5 foot Tubbs “Keewaydin” canoe from the seventies. It is fiberglass, with open gunwales in the middle section of the canoe, has 30" decks, woven seats (originally rawhide), and is 35" wide(outside measurement at center thwart), 13" high at the same place, and 19 1/2" high at each end. It has nice lines and handles well-very stable (shallow arch hull)enough rocker to turn easily, but easy to paddle in straight line.

I haven’t been able to find much information on this boat-they haven’t been made in a long time, and they don’t appear in the usual Tubbs catalogs from the time. The “Keewaydin” is printed in large black letters on each side, the “Tubbs” is printed on the bow. The serial number ends with an “F”, probably for “freighter”.

Does anyone know where else to look for information, and does anyone know where to find a pattern to reweave the seats? Currently they are woven to the pattern of my snowshoes, but the pattern runs from one side to another, and I believe it should run from front to back.

Sounds like a really nice boat. I don’t
even remember “Tubbs” and I was canoeing very actively in the 70s. I think your best bet is to contact canoe builders who have been active since the 70s, and see whether one or more of them recalls Tubbs making this rather unusual boat. You do not state what part of the country, but I associate Keewaydin with Maine and New England. I agree with you about the orientation of the seat lacing, but since Cold Stream Canoe went under, I don’t have a link to a picture of a rawhide laced seat.

Good luck. Sometimes the first reply to a post, however useless, inspires more.

I always love photos
of boats I’ve never seen before. For the ol’ mental catalog, and of course because I love boats like nothing else.


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Used to be manufactured or marketed by Green Mountian Outfitters of Clarendon VT. The 1978 buyers guide lists the " Keewaydin" as a 18 ft, lightly rockered, symmetrical hull. It had a 35" width and 19 1/2" bow height and weighed 78 lbs in fiberglass. Don't know how to restring the seats but the snowshoe pattern makes sense with Tubbs being involved. Don't remember seeing many fiberglass boats but saw a bunch of the royalex KW-16 boats back in the 70's and early 80's.

We’ve repaired/rerailed a few Royex Keewaydins over the years.

As boat inspector, I used to see many
Royalex Keewaydin 16s racing the downriver cruising class on the Nantahala back around 1980. They were a “wet” boat in the waves, but did pretty well in cruising events until nearly all of them had been battered beyond usability.

Tubbs/Green Mtn Keewaydin
I have one too! It believe it is Fiberglass and from 1976, bought it with the original rawhide seats, but in my ignorance 10 years ago I ripped it all out. I am going to turn it into a rowing canoe once I got a few bucks, cherry wood gunnels, sliding seats from Latanza and rowing rig from essex. My gunwhales are long enough and tough enough I am going to build the seats and thwarts from it as well.

Tubbs Keewaydin canoe
Oh yeah mine is the 16’8" version

I have a 16 footer bought in 73-74. The wood gunwales are long gone and I’m looking for advice on replacements that won’t break the bank. I haven’t even find a 1x6 long enough. I have bought some wood pieces to make kerf jointed gunwales but could never bring myself to do that to the boat. I just grabbed a pic of a seat and will share that or I think I have the original somewhere I can take a pic if someone is still facing that dilemma.