tubing and ALS

i need advice/guidance on how or what would work best for someone who’s ALS is to the point she can no longer use her limbs. her husband wants to do a short trip approx. 4+ miles in the deleware river from ConAgra to Easton . the main point is to let her get legs and feet wet . suggestions and examples would be most greatly appreciated

Fishing float tube?
Can she swim, or at least float comfortably?

My first thought was a fishing tube with a seat, because she couldn’t fall out: http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/product/standard-item.jsp;jsessionid=OGHJHVYF5G0NBLAQBBICCOVMCAEFCIWE?_DARGS=/cabelas/en/common/catalog/item-link.jsp_A&_DAV=perf&id=0035968318844a&navCount=0&podId=0035968&parentId=cat360010&masterpathid=&navAction=push&catalogCode=IJ&rid=0180101070502&parentType=index&indexId=cat360010&hasJS=true

Being more upright might increase the risk of foot entrapment – maybe small ankle floats so she could relax with her feet out in front of her?

Put a good life jacket on her and let her in the water.

A good PFD

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that will keep her head afloat, especially if she has weak or non existant neck muscles. And those inflatable pool floats that children use on their arms, water wings I think they are called on her arms and feet. I am an RN and there are a few things that bear discussion, but not on a public forum. You can email me if you like.