Tuf-weave how resistant to UV rays?


I’m thinking about getting a Wenonah Kingfisher. Unfortunately I live in a condo so I will probably keep it locked at the local lake. Hopefully I can find a mooring stake under a shady tree.

My question is what material can tolerate the sun\UV rays better Royalex or Tuf-weave?

I’m trying to decide which one to get. I’m leaning towards getting a Tuf-weave but want to hear everyones comments on which holds up better to the elements and sun. I’m not sure if I can put a cover on it because I think I need to show the regitration sticker. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

The gel coat may dull, but it won’t hurt
fiber underneath. If exposed to direct sun on a regular basis use some sort of UV inhibitor such as McNetts product (forgot the name!) or 303 UV Inhibitor, to keep the gel looking good. Likewise for the royalex. I have seen royalex hulls deform from the heat of longterm sun exposure though, over time.

Neither the glass nor the polyester
fibers in the Tuffweave are susceptible to sun damage, and they and the resin, probably vinylester, will be protected by the gelcoat. I would say that if you cover the boat, use some sort of standoff to keep the tarp from laying directly on the boat. I suspect this hastened the development of hydrolysis blisters on a boat I once owned. Vinylester is almost as good as epoxy in resisting hydrolysis, but the real trick is to see that the boat can dry out and stay dry most of the time that you are not using it.