I’m looking @ a Wenonah Adirondack, and want to know if it’s worth the $300 to upgrade from Royalex to Tuf-Weave (I don’t want to spend the dough to upgrade to Kevlar).


I would
the royalex is kind of wobbly,

what are you going to use it for?
Royalex is for frequent knock abouts on rocks. If you don’t need royalex and don’t mind parting with another $300 for a better performing canoe, I’d get the tuff weave.

tuf weave
What conditions are you using it in? If you’re not using it in rocky conditions alot, then I would say go with the tufweave. Are you concerned with performance of the boat or durability? Performance-wise, the tuf weave would be stiffer and therefore better, the Royalex would get the nod for durability. Although from what everyone is saying about the quality of modern Royalex, the difference in durability may be slight.

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I used to visit a canoe rental up in Mendocino, in a protected tidal inlet,they tied the glass wenonah canoes to a long dock and let them rise and fall onto the rocky beach with the tide. Beat to hell but lasted a long time.

Tuffweave vs Royalex
Have owned 3 Adirondacks in 15 years, tuffweave, one royalex. Even though I paddle primarily gravelly, rocky streams, I’d choose the tuffweave. The royalex Adirondack is slower, oilcans (the bottom flexes) too much for my taste, is slower, and IMHO weighed more than it’s stated weight. It is quiet, and the vinyl gunnels are wide and nicely done. But the tuffweave paddles much nicer, I believe, and is just as tough. I still have the oldest, 'Ol Blue, in my barn. Bought her in’91. "Ol Blue really should be re-named, ‘Ol Blue and White because most of the gelcoat is scratched and chipped off, but she is still sound and will probably outlast me. She’s been broached on Merit Rock on the Current River, and once on a strainer. She’s been dragged fully loaded onto sharp rocks by an idiot, dropped twice from 6’ on granite laden BWCAW portages. She’s seen She’s been paddled tandem and solo on several BWCAW trips, and seen many a smallmouth and trout come over her gunnels. She’s been bashed and fondled, but still paddles well. Does it sound like I think highly of Wenonah’s tuffweave? You betcha! IMHO Wenonah hit a home run with this layup. As for their newer cheap-looking seat hangers, I could do without them. WW