Tuff Coat or similar rubberized anti skid coating

I have a 12 ft sit-in fishing kayak.
It’s a Sun dolphin excursion SS.
I’m trying to find something similar to tough coat that I could apply to the top of the deck on my dog enjoys standing and will give him a little more grip but is still resistant to water and the elements.
A gallon of this stuff is 70 to $80 but I would need less than a quart. However, I can’t seem to find anything in a court-sized container.
There are plenty of things I was pointed to or found at the big box hardware stores. These items however, or usually the much thinner coating with something of a sand or gritty media inside of them rather than actual rubberized coatings.
I doubt they would hold up to the scrutiny or adhere well to the plastic. Does anyone have any ideas on something similar that would work just as well when applied to a plastic surface?

Put a pad up there and fasten it.

You could try one of those translucent silicone quilted type molded mats with the sort of suction cup backs that go in the bottom of a bathtub. They are only about $5 or $10 and ought to be about the right size and stay in place. A scrap of outdoor type “grass” carpet can also work. Looks like you have some deck lines you could tuck it under. I would not try to coat your deck. Most rubberized coatings are dark and would get hot. And not give your pup the grip that a rug type texture would that he can dig his claws into.

Self-sticking non-skid stuff for bathtubs. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Moen-Glacier-Adhesive-Treads/5000081327