Tuff Weave repair

I have a 15 year old Wenonah Minn II in tuff weave. It has some damage to the hull that needs repair. It still floats but seeps water slowly. what is the process for repairing or are there shops that can do repairs. I am in upstate NY near Binghamton/Syracuse.

Repair it like fiberglass. There are good how to videos.

Like string said, if you want to repair it yourself just go to YouTube and type in Kevlar repair.

If you want advice from local experts that may also be able to repair it for you I suggest that you call Hemlock Canoe or Placid Boatworks. With a quick conversation and maybe a couple of pictures they can tell you what it would take to fix your boat.

If you’re looking for a shop to do the work, Southern Tier Canoe is just north of Binghamton and does good work. https://www.southerntiercanoe.com/Repairs.html

If you want to try to repair it yourself, post some good pictures and you will be offered some advice on how to proceed.