tug boat flips kayaks to the rescue


I wonder
where it was filmed?

The paddler could have at least …
gone back and towed the barge to a port!



You wondered Where it was filmed:
British Columbia, Canada


gives a pretty good explanation.

I have travel envy.


WHy did the tug boat flip?
Was it making too tight a turn and the pull from the platform behind it flipped it? If so, isn’t there a “quick release” somthing on the pulling gear to prevent these types of accidents ??? At least the trucks on the platform appeared to be safe…

Were crew injured or killed
Pretty horrid. Were any injured or killed?

The guy that stayed under for 10 minutes - do you think maybe all that time he was trying to roll up?

So, what’s your advice or question?

Dude you need help! “why the control?”

Grow up, Salty. There’s a guideline
for this forum, and anyone can point to it if they want to.

don’t do the Chuck in a tug with a barge
without a PFD

Are YOU in charge, or in any way
compensated to police this internet forum. If not, then you need help dude! You police this shit all the time and it’s like a retard looking for hugs…

Salty, relax a little.


thats funny.


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humor is less than great.

I just found the information that one crew member was trapped under the boat for 10 harrowing minutes and almost drowned.

I like funny posts as much or more than most, but this just seems like gallows humor imo.

“Who are we going to sell this to?”


everyone safe
everyone ended safely - from what we’ve heard…

whats funny is the pnet police - not the video.


Tug got "tripped"
Major scary situation when towing. You’re toast unless you sever the line immediately.

Classic Eddyline Crossing

Appeared the tug got in moving water different than barge, could not make enough speed to stay ahead, started to get dragged, upcurrent deck goes under, and over she went…just as a kayaker might if crossing an eddyline wrong. I suppose the barge would drag it under regardless. Is that about how it went?