Tugeyes for $25 or ...

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just drill 5/8" holes opposite one another and glue in some 5/8" O.D. 7/16" I.D. PVC pipe?

There was a post here a while back about using plastic electrical conduit fittings for DIY eyes.

Here yer go…

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Knock yerself out, Pilgrim. Cost a buck an' four bits per boat fer de PVC 'lectical box couplin's at a hardwaar store or iffin' yer must, a Home Crappo or Blowes. Follow de daguerreotypes an' read de text below dem fer complete instructoons. Easy project.



Thanks FE
Thanks for the photo how-to FE. I’m just about to put a set of painter tubes in (of all things) an MR Guide. Your photo spread helped me on my way. Thanks my friend.


Anytime, Pilgrim

For some reason
I’m not seeing the complete instructions that are supposed to be below. ** See explanation below… I don’t see anything below.

It be between…

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de actual photo an' de "Comments On This Photo" box. Scroll down below de photo.