tugeyes on royalex Wenonah

Has anyone installed Tugeyes on a royalex Wenonah Vagabond? I have read that the layup on Wenonahs is thinner than some boats and an adapter is needed. I have inquired of the company with no response for a week and I’m anxious to get them in but don’t want to get into the middle of the job and find that I need addition parts.

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I installed tugeyes on my Spirit II with no problem whatsoever.

On an OT Penobscot
I mounted Tugeyes on my Royalex Penobscot 17, bow and stern. I was surprise at the sturdiness of the Royalex material. It looks bomb proof to me. Even if it is much thinner than mine, the location in the boat’s ends should give adequate stiffness.

George in Cody

I read about the issue on the product reviews here on p-net, but it was a couple of years old, so I thought the issue might have been resolved…Dan was great from the start, I accidently ordered the wrong ones and he actually emailed me on a Sunday while on vacation and gave me a number to call (Cory) but haven’t heard back since. I’m sure he’s on a river somewhere! I just really wanted to get this project behind me this weekend, installing float bags also and can’t really see doing them without having the eyes completed.

Thanks for the input, guess I’ll just put it off til I hear from Dan. Lord knows I’ve got enough other projects going on to occupy my time. And gee I could just go paddle;-)

He might be on vacation
We installed Tug Eyes on our Bell Prospector (Royalex)

I ordered on Friday and Dan called right away and sent them by mail delivered in 24 hours. He lives just a few miles away but the wind was blowing the wrong way for the kite.

You can PM me if you want me to forward your e mail… I know mine wont get caught by a spam filter, but you might wait or resend your email.

It bugged me that my Voyager had
no place to tie a rope on either end but the carry thwart. I did an end pour on one end , bored the hole and installed a grab loop. On the other ,I just bored the hole and put a piece of PVC between the hulls.

Wenonah Tugeyes
I installed a set of tugeyes in a Royalex Argosy. They work fine. Wenonah’s catalog mentions “Selective Reinforcement” on Royalex hulls so the entire hull isn’t thin. They add material were needed for strength and leave it out where it only adds weight.