Have any of you used tugeyes for lining? Any other less expensive options? How about for composite boats?

Try this:


Used Them
I put them on my new prospector RX and I like them. They were easy to install. The only complaint I have is that the install device stripped out towards the end of the installation. Subsequently the tugeyes at the bow of my boat are not pulled as close to the hull as the rear. I tried putting a nut on behind the tool and it really didn’t help. I’m the only one that would notice that they’re 1/32 from the hull. They appear to be very strong. I used 1" webbing throug them and it worked fine but I couldn’t use the tubing that connects the tugeyes together. No bid deal since the webbing filled the holes and the knot from the webbing goes right up against the tugeyes. I mounted mine with the template but down 4 1/2" on the stems. Overall, I’d buy them for the next boat. Sure did hurt to drill holes in my new boat though. God Bless. Dwayne