tuilik type hood

Is there a hood out there that you can draw together tightly to your face similiar to a tuilik hood? I sometimes want to use a dry top and aquilisaq (sp) but find that the hood I have lets in copious amounts of water by my ears. Being able to tighten the hood around the face would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Surf Hood
5 mm and up, by ONeil and Henderson have the face gasket and pull cord to tighten. Really though, what’s the point for where you’re at? You’ll overheat with the thing on. If it’s water in the ears that is bothering, get ear plugs. No offense but it is a more simple and elegant alternative to an unneeded piece of cold water gear that you will probably end up not using.



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Moving to NC this summer. Was just curious for the winters up there where I may be in a long boat and a larger cockpit where the tuilik won't fit.




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different purposes. The surfing hood will minimize water infiltration but will not stop it completely. Water does get in but will warm up. This minimizes the surfer's ear syndrome that happens with cold water surfers. Apparently, cold water promotes the growth of bony tissue in the ear canal and can lead to loss of hearing. The corrective surgery involves pulling the skin off and drilling out the bone growth. Not pretty or pleasant.

If it's water in the ears that is bothering you because you're succeptible to ear infections, or just because you don't like water in the ears, then a surf hood does nothing to address that. You would still need plugs to keep the water out.

North Carolina... I don't think you need a 5 mm hood unless you're out in the depth of winter and you plan on rolling A LOT in the ocean. Would still need earplugs if it's the second of the above that you're concerned about.

The other thing to consider if you think NC winter water is too cold is look into pool sessions. I do a lot of rolling in the winter in the ocean but it ain't practice. I'm doing it in the course of surfing. Different psychology involved I think. Frankly, I can't see or motivate myself with going into the ocean in the middle of the winter just to do roll practice. I tend to wait for warmer temps in spring and hit the lake if I am expressedly going to do skills practice. But that's just me.


ear plugs.
I use foam ear plugs occasionally. I don’t get ear infections or are prone to any significant pain other than the occasional slap of your ear when it hits the water while rolling and this is a minor irritant not a concern.

I am just being a wus. Imagining 50 degree water temps in the lakes, Dry top, kokotat bib pants, nice and dry…roll practice…water running down the neck. doesn’t happen with the tuilik so that is what generated the question.

Your comment “I do a lot of rolling in the winter in the ocean but it ain’t practice. I’m doing it in the course of surfing. Different psychology involved I think.” is goading me somewhat. I have been practicing the rolls in the lakes and haven’t been out in the ocean for a month or so. I need to get out there!

got no excuse. Live in Ft. Lauderdale for Chrissakes.


where in nc
Hi, Where will you be in NC. In the Triangle, Jordan Lake goes into the low 40s in December and stays there until mid-March–temp now is 52–so most of us go to the pool or use a neoprene hood for rolling practice in the lake. John

We are looking at Apex, Cary and Holly Springs. got Shearson Harris and Jordan as the closest I suppose.


You may want to check out Mudflat rangers–we’ve got a great group of folks who paddle together regularly.

You need to get to one of the South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayaking Symposia!

I know this doesn’t answer your question, but you have obviously become fascinated with SOF and the traditions associated with them.

They have some great, inexpensive classes you can sign up for, in addition to skill demonstrations that’ll bowl you over. Last year’s classes taught how to carve a GP, and how to make your own neoprene tuiliq. Demos included kayak rolls, Greenland rope gymnastics, steaming and bending ribs, and more.

mudflat rangers
I actually took my tempest on top of my car from Ft. Lauderdale to Raleigh when I was visiting my father before he passed. I believe I spoke to Monica and several others and a trip from Farrington was planned. Unfortunately no one showed up except for me so I had some nice solo time around Farrington Point and then the following days I checked out Shearson Harris and Falls Lake.

I was under the impression that the Saturday and Wednesday night paddles were well attended and maybe I just got an off day. But unfortunately I did not get to meet any of the mudflat rangers except for Monica who drove by but said she couldn’t paddle that day.


is there a link
or somewheres where I cna get info on these symposiums?



Bowling over Brazilbrasil?
Not likely. He just pops right back up anyway!

No doubt he’d enjoy SSTIKS immensely - and learn a lot - though I think he would be among peers more than gurus at those rolling demos now.

The man has a blistering learning curve. In maybe 9 months Paul’s gone for new rec boat paddler, to sea kayak (rolling), to SOF with Greenland standard, Norsaq AND now a reliable hand roll (among others of course). He shows me just how lazy I really am! L

SSTIKS would be cool. Delmarva too, which is still a haul but closer and maybe more realistic for us S Floridians (for water temps too!). Paul is defecting to somewhere above the frost line so Delmarva’s even closer for him then.

Meanwhile we’ll just keep building our own G-Style community down here…

Link II

Hi Paul, You might want to sign up on the Mudflat Rangers Yahoo group, so you can see what’s up. Right now the paddles are arranged mostly on email and are hit or miss, but we should start up the regular Wedensday evening and Saturday paddles in a few weeks. Take more than warm air for the lakes to warm up–need convection mixing–so it is usually late March or April before the rolling practice really gets going. I just bought and Outer Island, with the aim of learning a bunch of the Greenland rolls, so will be glad to meet up whenever you get settled. There are a lot of great paddling spots on the coast. We often congregate at Barrier Island kayak, but there are many other destinations that allow lumpy water play. John

as for symposia
Try the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival in Charleston mid April–Lots of Greenland paddling classes.

I have been receiving the e-mails and lurking. I will get in touch again when I get back up there.


Link III

I need to put the SOF away for a while. I am going out this morning in the Tempest and kinda get reacquainted. Lots of other aspects to kayaking other than greenland rolling and I have been feeling a bit remiss in practicing boat control and strokes.

It is possible to go kayaking and stay relatively dry isn’t it?


I really enjoyed gettting the 700 back out Sunday and just paddling. I wasn’t quite so fat when I used to do more of that.