Tuktoyaktuk or bust

I am reminded of these guys when reading posts about the Yukon 1000 and Alabama 650. Having completed kayaking the Northwest Passage, have the Arctic Cowboys made it to civilization yet? https://www.thearcticcowboys.com/

Yes, they finished a couple of days ago and should be heading home very soon. Great adventure, great to be first at something. I finished first in the first Yukon1000 in 2009 in a carbon voyageur canoe… Eileen, from northern NY State, on the first team to complete the Northwest Passage totaly under human paddle power , was on my team when we paddled together the Yukon River Quest race in a C4 canoe in 2017. The next. year she won the race solo in her kayak, as first overall finisher not just as first female finisher. I’d say she was well prepared for the NWT and well qualified to do what she did. Hugs to Eileen.

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