Tulip poplar for seat hangers ?

Well not hangers but cleats to hang the seat off of. I figure some 2 oz cloth to water proof it and fasten it to the hull… we are also thinking of cedar but I

haven’t liked what I have seen.

Why poplar and not species
considered more durable?

If you do protect it with finish, it may
be strong and durable enough, but my basement has a number of stronger woods.

possession pure
I have a couple of planks of poplar that would mill out nicely. I woud have to ge in the car to get a more traditional canoe wood. the cedar planks I have are just two thin. I guess I will have swing by a good lumber yard.

I would use Ash.

Easy to work with but…
I don’t believe it is an extremely dense and strong wood.

How much do you need?
I’ve got scraps of ash, white oak, ipe, or mahogany I could mail to you for naught. PM me with final dimensions and I’ll even mill it to nominal specs to save postage.

Not a good choice
Soft, brittle and weak.

Unclear usage
Just how you intend to use the “hangers” is unclear, but:

If you intend to use them as “drops” spacing the seat downwards from the rails, the whole thing, rails, drops, seat itself held together with l/4 " SS carriage bolts, or better, #10 SS machine screws w/ NyLock nuts, the material is inconsequential as the drops are in moderate compression. Just seal all sides with a good sealant.

I’ve seen ash used, and used both ash and walnut at Bell and cherry at Placid. Properly sealed it makes no difference. One can purchase same in ash or cherry from Ed’s canoe parts now.

No need to glass at all, in fact the glass would probably hasten rot.

Hey Charlie
I have some Maple and also some Cherry.

If you want any, let me know and I’ll cut it to whatever size you want and bring it to the Lumber river race.

I have all the poplar a person would want.

I use year old stuff for quick hot fires in the wood burning stove

your on Jack
we only need few scraps to trim out the seats the way RedCrossRandy wants us to. I will get the size to you shortly!

I’ll look in the shop and see what other
woods I have and shoot you an e-mail

Will you and Randy be paddling those new boats in the Lumber?

Jack L

Check your e-mail
Jack L