Tuliq question

I’ve always thought they were pretty cool but am unsure of their usage and given the price, would want to be more certain what I would get out of one. But every year about this time, I start thinking about it. Anyway, I assume I would still need to wear a drysuit in cold water (if I were to end up exiting). So it doesn’t seem like it would improve comfort. So the main thing I imagine would possibly be beneficial would be if it were to do a better job at keeping water off my head, neck, ears…than a surf hoodie. I really hate cold water btw, and have to force myself with a great deal of will to practice rolls in winter. Do you think I am a candidate for a tuliq or would it be wasted money? Thanks.

I’ve had one for years, and I don’t wear it much, mostly for a few chuckles for people around me, or a pool session, or some Greenland paddling event. They can keep water off your head and neck, but not off your face. I find that a drysuit with a diving hood tucked between the gasket and the flap outside it works every bit as good, and makes a wet exit A LOT safer in cold water.

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Ditto what Wayne said. I had mine when I was getting into SOFs and GP style rolling. If you are a rollaholic and want to outdoor rather than pool practice, then tuiliq is useful. However, if you are doing actual paddling and want to be safe for immersion, you have immersion wear underneath. Combined with the tuiliq, you will experience the joy of paddling in your own “portable sauna.” Heck, I can’t stand even the sweat drenched layers under my drysuit, never mind those under a 3 mm neoprene tuiliq.

Of course, you could go with the thinner Chillcheater tuiliq which uses a much thinner (?) .5-1 mm material. But, would still need immersion wear underneath.

I think if you intend to paddle and not just roll practice, you are probably better off using a good 3-5 mm neo surf hood with integrated neck gaiter.


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I use my dry suit, a neoprene hood and an akullisaq, which keeps me dry and warm, and provides the same kind of freedom of movement you get with a tuiliq.

If you want a tuilik cheap I bought a new Brooks 3 years ago when I was planning on going to a couple of Greenland rolling camps. Had to bail the first year due to a family conflict and then two years in a row they were cancelled due to Covid. By now I doubt I am going to have the gumption to pursue that skill. If an M/L will fit you I’ll send it to you for $200 if you’re interested. You could probably sell it for more than that if you decide it doesn’t suit you.

Thanks but based on the preceding responses, I’ve kind of lost interest in getting one at any price. I was hoping to go to the TRAQs Greenland get-together in Florida the last couple years but the first got cancelled and I was weary of the 2nd. Hopefully I’ll be going next year.

I kind of figured you had reached that conclusion but figured I would offer before I post an ad in the classifieds to sell it.

I’m interested, if a Brooks size large and their Standard model for ocean cockpits. Thx, heatfmg at gmail dot com.

When the water temps are in the 30’s are windchill is in the teens, I really like the tuliq for splash spray ice comfort. Those conditions exist in a short time window. Might paddle 3-4 times a season or none.
My tuliqs are both 10plus years old and sponge up water, become heavy quickly playing with rolls, have for a few years
I had Brooks for a keyhole cockpit. Brooks are really tight in the arms(fore). They are really made well. I like tuliqs.
Peace J