Tuna from thailand What the ?

Went 2 get some canned tuna and ALL the brads had product of Thailand.

Is it the same over there?

Thailand is one fo the largest canners
of fish products in the world. The tuna could be from anywhere, the canneries are in Thailand.

Welcome to Globalization.


so where does our tuna go?

Tuna From Thailand
Unfortunately a Japanese fishing ship with big “Research Vessel” on its side hauls tons of Tuna out of the Indian Ocean every week and returns to Phuket with a new haul every Saturday afternoon. The owners stand on the dock and openly count their money from this “research” activity. If it sounds familiar, think “Whaling Research”.

This is just one ship, but it’s correct - pelagic tuna from SE Asia and the Indian Ocean all finds it’s way to Thailand canneries.

Watch out for Thai frozen shrimp. Most of this comes from farms that (1) take out mangroves, the nurseries of the sea; and (2) are full of carcinogenic antibiotics they pump into the ponds to prevent disease in the high density colonies. On several occasions the EU has turned back shrimp shipments for being carcinogenic, so the Thai’s simply sell them domestically or in countries who don’t check as well as the EU - like America.

Environmentalism over here is non-existent. That’s why I’m still here after 19 years.

Ling Yai (Thai for “Big Monkey”

aka John ‘Caveman’ Gray

given the “state of affairs” here in the
US, you may have people joining you shortly. Global Warming zealotry and the Iraq War will have us all walking in short fashion and the US dollar will be worthless.

why would anyone eat tuna anymore
with all the mercury in it ? I switched over to skinless and boneless sardines when I found out that sardines have more good omega 3 oils than tuna and many tunas have up to 40 times more mercury than sardines.